Zimbabwe to speed up facilities

05 May 2021

An agreement to install solar energy systems at 640 health facilities has been reached, which will speed up Zimbabwe’s upgrading health and sanitation process.

In addition, public-private partnerships are expected to be created to increase high-end medical procedures. Pit latrines will be converted to flush toilets in order to improve basic public health. 

Speaking after the Cabinet meeting, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Mutsvangwa said, “In a development to address the power challenges experienced by health facilities, Cabinet adopted a proposal for the installation of solar back-up energy kits at 640 health facilities.” 

Solar systems are to be installed across Zimbabwe leading to guaranteed power supplies and counter the effects of any power outages. Service deliveries have been impacted by the power outages that have been occurring. 

The Government wants to introduce the services of open-heart surgery and radiotherapy services. 

“In order to improve capacity of the health service delivery in Zimbabwe, Cabinet advises that the Ministry of Health and Child Care intends to open up the open-heart surgery and radiotherapy services. This would be enhanced through partnerships with the private sector and local financing organisations.”

Mutsvangwa  added on, “It is envisaged that the public-private partnerships would enable the expansion of access to higher quality health care by leveraging on the capital, infrastructure, equipment and expertise from both the private sector and the public sector.”